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July 2014

Jerry Pounds

Jerry Pounds - Wells Fargo
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Covered Calls and Risk

Understanding Popular Terminology

Understanding ETFs

Understanding REITs

Understanding ADRs

The Search for a Stock

Pulling The Trigger

Business Cycle Basics: Follow the Leader

Business Cycle Basics: Identifying Peaks Part I

Business Cycle Basics: A Lesson in Overconfidence

Business Cycle Basics: Contraction Action

Business Cycle Basics: An Intro to the Business Cycle

Understanding Yields Part III: The If-Called Yield

Finding the Right Stock: Understanding Beta

Understanding Yields Part II: The Static Yield

Where's the Money? In-the-Money and Out-of-the-Money Calls

Knowing Your Options: Maximum Gains and Losses

Knowing Your Options

Understanding Yields Part I: The Current Yield

An Introduction to Covered Call Writing